Helyx 2



Masonshishaware is an American brand from the United States where the selection is limited. Their bowls are handspun and made of a stoneware clay, which is impressively retaining the heat well.


First of all, the helyx 2 is an amazing bowl. It is designed for every type of sessions. Since the diameter of the rim measures around 75mm (3in), it can be used with a heat management device such as lotus 1+ without any issues. The rounded edges makes the foiling enjoyable, as it reduces the chance to rip it. Not only it makes the preparation easier, the ridge around the rim gives the advantage to drum tight the whole.

The material is great and the walls are pretty thick. It can reach high temperature without accelerating the burning process. It would make the session smoother and less harsh. It’s all about heat management !

With the height of the spire, it prevents the flavor from leaking thru the stem. In general, you want the spire to be high enough to keep the tobacco moist to keep the session fresh as long as possible. As it gets higher, it will naturally reduce the airflow and make the draw tighter. To avoid a total foil lock, the grooves has been added to maintain a good circulation.

As of the trench, it’s considered deep and a little bit narrower than some bowls (like the gravyl bowl and the mini rook). You have the flexibility to pack some blonde leaves and have a fluff pack (like chaos) and experienced a good 1h30 session. Or, you can also dense pack some dark leaves (like tangier) and optimize the consumption of tobaccos and have a great 3h session. Depending on the variables, the capacity is around 15g at a normal pack, which is fairly enough for a 1h30-2h session with some trifecta blonde.

It might not be an issue for everyone, but you might experienced some struggle with the foiling because of the overall height. Compared to other bowls, the helyx 2 is on the smallest category. If you are in this situation, I’d suggest you to foil the bowl on a corner of a table, so you open up the space for your hands, or you could install a molasse catcher under it (if you have one) to add some height.

Overall, if it wasn’t for the price, I’d still recommend this bowl, not because it is considered as a performance tier, but because the design is genuinely good and the material is excellent, including the beautiful glaze.

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