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The goal of a heat management device (HMD) is to give you the flexibility to adapt the temperature and to be able to transfer the heat evenly into the bowl. Generally speaking, there’s at least two level of heat for adjustment : either it’s open (without the lid) or close (with the lid on). If you are adding more coals than the maximum capacity instead of using the lid, it cannot be called as a HMD anymore. Although, you’re free to adapt the usage to your needs.



There is nothing wrong about the traditional method. If you are comfortable managing the coals directly on the foil, you don’t need to be bothered with this. But there are few advantages that might interest you.

  1. A HMD will give the opportunity to experienced a better longevity in terms of taste, because it will distribute the heat evenly at slower past.
  2. You won’t need to ash as much, because the heat source is coming from the device itself, and not directly from the coals. Usually, you want to remove the ashes when you need to raise the temperature.
  3. Your set of coals will last longer, because the device will absorb the heat and maintain it as much as it can.
  4. It will also act as a wind breaker if you’re smoking outside. It won’t blow away the coals and all the ashes.
  5. It will give you some leverages on handling the temperature to your liking when it possible, instead of moving all the coals.
  6. Since a HMD is creating a spacing between the device and the bowl because of the thickness or the shape, it will naturally reduce the harshness that you’re experiencing from direct heat.



The heat management device is manufactured in a smart way that they are able to mass produce it at low cost.

Some might say it’s cheaply made, but in my perspective, I would say that they have optimized the design, so it can performs and be affordable at the same time.

The advantage to use this gage of thickness is that it can reach high temperature in a short amounts of time. In general, when the stainless steel is being used, it will take longer to warm up if it’s thick. The good thing about it, is that it will preserve the heat longer compared to aluminum. On the other hand, it will rapidly burn the flavor if you don’t pay attention to the heat management.

Those are the reasons is it recommended to use two layers of generic heavy duty tin foil, so it would transfer the heat evenly to the bowl. It’s the same principal as a pan : if you’re cooking directly on a fire pit or on a gaz burner, it would be easier to cook with a proper equipment to disperse the heat evenly instead of managing from the heat source directly.

First, you have the opportunity to adjust the heat by closing the device, tilting the lid or removing it completely.

Second, it can provide the right amount of heat with only 2 coals, which is efficient.

Third, you can fit this HMD with any bowl that can be foil properly. If the bowl is too large, the foil might drag down at the center. As a result, it will add restriction to the draw, if not, block the airflow.

Forth, you don’t have to clean anything compared to a HMD like the lotus 1+ from Kaloud where you need to scratch down under the device.

Fifth, they designed in a way where it creates a spacing between the device and the foil. so the flavor will not be in contact directly and also prevent the coals from blacking out.

Overall, it’s affordable, vesatile, adjustable, efficient and easy-care.



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