Na Grani Stick Hookah


Na Grani Stick Hookah

The Na Grani Stick Hookah is made in Russia and built with high quality Stainless Steel giving it a solid build and making it built to last.  The intelligent design makes this easy to maintain, and keep clean. It also a great Hookah for travelling as you can easily take it apart, and take it to your friends or on holiday with you.

The Hookah comes as a complete set including Hookah Stem, Tray, Base, Mouthpiece, Silcone Hose and Grommets.

The Hookah is presented in a lovely wooden box.  Simply pop out the wooden lock plate and you’re ready to assemble your hookah.

The entire hookah is made from Stainless Steel from the top stem and chamber to the down stem and diffuser.

The Stainless Steel Chamber weighs a solid heavy 592grams.

The top stem comes as 2 parts assembled in 1.  However, it is adjustable to 2 different sizes, whether you want it as a small mini desk hookah or a medium sized hookah, the choice is yours. Simply adjust the height by removing / adding the upper stem parts and enjoy your hookah session.

The tray is a good size and is made from Stainless steel with the Na Grani logo laser engraved onto it.  The tray is detachable, this means you can lift it off and clean the ash of the tray without having the need to unscrew the bowl port like a traditional hookah tray.  In the beginning this may feel strange so be careful to get used to the tray mechanism.