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_____ASCENT BOWL I present you a new bowl I just acquired : the mountain bowl from Ascent hookah. It’s hand spun in England. It is thoughtfully designed to the smallest details. Not only it looks unique, it also has some good features on it. You can see on the body of the bowl some nice […]

Bowl Anatomy

Bowl Anatomy

_____ BOWL ANATOMY Bowl Anatomy is one of the least discussed topics. RIM : It’s the limit of the trench. Also known as the perimeter of the bowl, it gives a reference point for your packing. TRENCH : It’s the cavity where the tobacco sits. SPIRE : It’s the raised wall in the middle where […]

Bowl types


_____ WHAT ARE THE TYPICAL BOWLS? There are two types of bowls that are available in the market : traditional and phunnel. You must be familiar with the classic brown bowls that lounges used to have. Usually, the internal is shaped like a scoop and has 5 holes in it. Of course, there are variables […]