Mini rook



The mini rook is one of the great bowl that you can enjoy blonde leaves and dark leaves for a great amount of times. With the capacity of 15 grams at normal pack, you should be expecting at least 1 hour 30 min session with only 2 coconut coals of 25 mm. If you have good quality flavor like trifecta and tangier, you can push it to 2h-3h.

The trench is quite surprisingly deep. It has just enough space to make a fluff pack with blonde leaves. At the same time, the diameter of the rim is smaller than other bowls, which makes the mini rook ideal for dark leaves when the brand of flavor requires a denser pack.

The height of the spire is perfect. It gives a decent airflow and with the visible grooves, it releases the pressure and prevent the suction to be completely choked if the foil is dragging down. The other benefits of having a spire at a certain height, it keeps the molasses moist for longer. It means the flavor will be more potent for longer, and it will make the session last longer.

As for the heat management device concern, the rim is about 64mm (2.5″). It’s not made to fit a lotus type on the top of it, but it might be possible if the holes are still going thru the bowl. Although, using foil would be more appropriate for this application. If you really want to use a heat management device, I’d suggest using the provost 2 from AppleOnTop. It matches perfectly.

I’d recommend the mini rook if you’re looking for shorter sessions. The quality of the material is great as expected. The clay is dense and it can takes heat impressively. For the price, the returns you have from them are amazing compared to a low grade bowl. It transfers the heat more efficiently, making the flavor less harsh and more enjoyable for longer. If you’re looking for a wider bowl to make a lotus HMD fits, you might want to look for a rook (25g capacity), or a medium apache (17g capacity).



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