_____ALUMINUM FOIL Using aluminum foil is typically the first thing we use to cover the shisha bowl. At least, this is what I knew when I have been to the lounge during my young age. Few years later, the industry evolve the traditional heating method into different devices. But today, I will talk about aluminum […]


Provost 2

Provost 2 _____ WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF A HEAT MANAGEMENT DEVICE? The goal of a heat management device (HMD) is to give you the flexibility to adapt the temperature and to be able to transfer the heat evenly into the bowl. Generally speaking, there’s at least two level of heat for adjustment : either […]



_____ OLLA BOWL Olla is an Italian brand which the craftmanship is impeccable. Their bowls are handspun and impressively consistent, which means that the shapes and the descriptions are pretty accurate. As for the white clay, in my experiences, it can takes the heat well. _____ ADE BOWL Ade is incredible for dark leaves and […]

Coconut Coal

Coconut Coal

_____ COCONUT COAL In general, coconut coals are made of coconut shells. To be able to compress them properly, it needs certain ingredient to use it as a binder and this is where all the variants come : the smell, the longevity, the consistency and the heat output. If it is manufactured honestly, the statement […]

Hookah anatomy


_____ HOOKAH ANATOMY BOWL ADAPTER : It’s the first tapered part where the bowl sits. With the help of a grommet (or a gasket), it makes it airtight. TRAY : It’s a convenient plate where you can ash your coals or place your hot stuff on it. UPPER STEM : It’s the extension of the […]

Bowl Anatomy

Bowl Anatomy

_____ BOWL ANATOMY Bowl Anatomy is one of the least discussed topics. RIM : It’s the limit of the trench. Also known as the perimeter of the bowl, it gives a reference point for your packing. TRENCH : It’s the cavity where the tobacco sits. SPIRE : It’s the raised wall in the middle where […]