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Peter’s Insight“? I’m Peter Nguyen, a simple man who enjoy smoking shisha. I live in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Recently, I graduated as a product designer (industrial design, 2020) during the early state of the pandemic. To be honest, it was a wierd transition where we completely had to study from home in the laps of 2 weeks during the first lockdown. In the mean time, teachers had to learn about the technology and zoom. As a student, we were not on our prime shape, but we all ended up with a diploma. Anyway, I won’t bored you about my life anymore!

Some of you may have seen me on instagram. I’ve been smoking shisha since 2010, but my passion only started on 2020. Not long ago, I was still using round charcoals, also known as “quicklight”. At first, I hated when lounges were using coconut coals, because the service was never on point and I didn’t feel the hype about them. I was the guy who would ask a roll of quicklights, stack them one by one and ended up with a 3 hours session at least.

You won’t notice the difference between quicklights and coconut coals at the beginning, but once you try them for a constant period, you would never want to go back to quicklights. The taste is just not good as the coconut coals can provide.



As I learn, my mission is to be as objective as possible and share some insights to you which will help you to become an informed individual in the hookah industry. I won’t be the one who tell you what to buy although. At least, you should be aware of what you are buying and the reasons behind.



Please feel free to leave a comment below on what you’d like to see in this space or ask a question. If you need recommendations, you can ask directly to the team of Jinxhookah :).

Otherwise, I’ll be reachable on instagram for anything hookah related. Thank you !



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