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Hi everyone !

It’s been a long time I didn’t write a blog, but I hope I didn’t lose you yet. If you’re new, welcome. I just want to remind you that my blogs are based on my opinions. You may or may not agree to everything I say, but I’ll stay as objective as possible when I review something. Feel free add your point of view. It is all about sharing and empowering the knowledge of everyone to enhance the future products of this hobby.


Masonshishaware is an American brand from the United States where the selection is limited. Their bowls are handspun and made of a stoneware clay, which is impressively retaining the heat well. When it comes to their handles, the resine version are handmade and the metal version are cnc machined.



Beautiful as they look like, you definitely feel the quality once you hold one. As for myself, I’ll be talking about the tymber war specifically (the aluminum cnc version). It’s their model which is more accessible, either it is for the price and the availability.

It may not look like it, but the the full set handle weights around 240g. It might sounds heavy, but it is well thought and designed I’d say. The overall weight is located at the bottom where it is meant to be hold. In result, it gives you the best control thru your sessions. Meaning that it should not add fatigue to your forearms.

The tip, also named as the warhead, is comfortable for the lips. It’s a little wider than the standard handle. You cannot put on a cool looking hygienic mouthpiece that is usually attached with the silicone, but you can insert a typical disposable tip on it if you need one. it is made of a solid aluminum and CNC shaped. it is not the cheapest manufacturing process, but you get beautiful products out of it. It’s precise, more consistent, and the finish is really sleak. I know it’s not a sexy subjects, so I won’t bother you more about it 🙂
Nothing to say about the carbon fiber handle itself. I think it looks great and there are a lot of color options. And it is light. Pretty solid I would say.

Next thing is the assembly. It is simple as it looks like. The metal parts are connected and secured with
o-rings gasket. With that type of joints, you get a seamless design. As for the execution, it might not be always easy. The best way to insert the metal ends to the carbon fiber handle is to pour water on the gaskets. With time, the o-rings will deteriorate. so here are the dimensions if you need to outsource them in a regular hardware store in the plumbing section :
9/16″ x 3/8″ x 3/32″ (14mm x 9.5mm x 2mm)

So far, I don’t have big issue with them, but I’d like to point out few things I have noticed.


Hoses tends to slip off from the bottom ends.
The bottom part is not ergonomic for everyone. Because of the shape, the way you grab it is not intuitively comfortable. Like if you give it a try to 3 different friends, they might not hold it the same way. But, in general, I’d say that it is comfortable enough to appreciate it at least.
Thru time, the o-rings will loose up, making the metal part harder to completely insert them. So I’d stock on them if you have the chance.

As for the hose’s issue, the owner itself confirmed me that their branded mason hoses fits more tightly now. so If you really have a problem with your actual hose, you might want to try their ultrasoft hose.
As the description says, I’d suggest you getting a spring too, because it might kinks more than usual and block the airflow.


Please feel free to leave a comment below on what you’d like to see in this space or ask a question. If you need recommendations, you can ask directly to the team of Jinxhookah :).

Otherwise, I’ll be reachable on instagram for anything hookah related. Thank you !



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