Regal Clear Queen Hookah


Regal Clear Queen Hookah

Product Details:

About Regal Hookah:
Regal Hookah strives to break convention. We value delivering the necessary function to satisfy hookah enthusiasts, while indulging smokers with unrivaled luxuries. Regal Hookah promises to never resort to cost cutting by compromising our quality and performance. Regal Hookah was founded in 2009 by Jonathan Volfson whom was determined to deliver the ultimate hookah smoking experience to the world. He had an epiphany when one of his favorite Syrian wood pipes broke at its welds; his solutions was to design a stronger weldless hookah. Currently Regal Hookah is leading modern hookah innovations. The smoking experience is enhanced by our pipe’s edgy design lines and exquisite woods selected from around the world. The result is a breathtaking design with a voracious air flow providing unprecedented performance and style.
Materials used:
Metal: You can rely on the quality and precision of the aerospace grade aluminum used at Regal. Our factory also produces military optics and metal for Callaway Golf. The high quality anodizing will endure the years.
Wood: Our customers are offered a wide range of choice  for wood type and stains. We source our maple wood from the East Coast and the rest from around the world.