Na Grani Heat Management Device


Na Grani Heat Management Device

The Na Grani HMD (Heat Management Device) is an attachment/smokebox for your hookah bowl. It is made of stainless steel and ensures perfect heat distribution. The Na Grani HMD is characterised by its simple design and excellent workmanship.

Unlike the competitor product from Kaloud, the Na Grani HMD does not have any nubs on the bottom, which makes a contact setup much more difficult. However, we don’t find this particularly bad, as it works very well in almost every setup. The Na Grani HMD is therefore a good and affordable alternative. A big plus point is the high-quality workmanship and the fact that it is made of stainless steel. In addition, it fits all common hookah bowls and has space for two hookah coals with a size of 26 mm.

Due to the nature of the Na Grani, cleaning is very easy. A cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning smokeboxes and is now also available in our shop. We have a separate blog post about this.

The new Na Grani HMD is now available in our shop.