Aeon Phunnel Vulcan Coal – Special Edition


Aeon Phunnel Vulcan Coal

The new  AEON Vulcan – Special Edition Phunnel  is an extension of the original Vulcan Phunnel.

The tobacco head is made by hand from high quality materials and then painted. The special design of the  AEON Vulcan – Special Edition   is based on the well-known and unique shape of the AEON bowls.
The centrally placed bubble stands out in particular. There are small grooves in the lower opening so that the head sits securely on the rubber head gasket. The upper outer edge of the tobacco depot is roughened so that attachments like the Kaloud Lotus 1+ have a secure fit.

Ideally suited for use with a  Heat Management Device (HMD)  such as B.  Kaloud Lotus  or  aluminum foil with a Apple on Top Provost II .