Lime lit

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This flavor is from Eternal Smoke, an American brand. To be honest, it is my favorite one from them. The smell is refreshing. The taste is amazing. It almost feels like you’re smoking a bright and cold sweet lime sorbet. it’s easy to smoke and the cooling is on point. If you’re a person that like their session minty, forget the ice handle and the ice into the base and try out this beautiful premixed. You should not be disappointed if it’s a profile you’re looking for.

The color is quite beautiful and the leaves are fine-cut. It might not means anything, but it makes the packing easier. As for the packing method, I usually fluff pack over the rim by few millimeters, then redistribute down to the rim to roughly reach a semi-fluff plus pack. For more information about the density level guide, you should check the videos on Youtube from HookahUnlimited.

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Once the density level of the packing is right, you should expect a good and bright session that last about an hour and 30 minutes with only 12g with an Ade bowl from Olla (the one on the pictures). Theoretically, with a Mini Rook bowl from Alpaca ( which consumes around 15-16g at a normal pack), you could make it last to two hours with an extra coal.

It terms of quality, Eternal Smoke is decent, but with a good heat management, you will certainly enjoy it and maximize its potential.


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