I present you a new bowl I just acquired : the mountain bowl from Ascent hookah. It’s hand spun in England. It is thoughtfully designed to the smallest details. Not only it looks unique, it also has some good features on it. You can see on the body of the bowl some nice carved details that is textured like mountains. its purpose is not only to look pretty, but it also acts as a heat sink where the extra material will help to absorb the overall heat and release it further, so it doesn’t accumulate around the flavor.

I also like the thickness of the rim. It will prevent the flavor from overheating, resulting onto a smoother session. By having this wide surface, it will give a better contact of surfaces between the heat management device and the bowl. Instead of bursting all the heat into the flavored leaves, the bowl’s wall will handle more heat and transfer it back more evenly. With the suggested diameter, it makes it compatible with a heat management device (HMD) like Lotus 1+ from Kaloud and also with foil and/or a provost 2 from AppleOnTop.

As for the spire dimensions, it is a little bit smaller than the average. It’s not a bad thing, but I just wanted to point it out, because it might makes the pull more restricted. It might benefits to people who likes to use HMD like the lotus 1+, because it tends to be a little more open in general. In my experience, I’m more used to foil, so I end up poking few extra holes to satisfy my preferences. As you can see, there are different ways to manage the restriction of the pull : you can play with the water level, make different hole patterns on aluminum foil or play with the height level of the tobacco as last resort. I appreciate the grooves on the spire too, because it helps to regulate the airflow. Sometimes, you might experienced some foil drag in the middle, but with grooves, it will release the pressure and make a decent session still.

The last, but not the least, the trench shape is pretty shallow. It’s quite wide, but not deep. With the thick rim, it reduces the capacity where the standard blonde leaves like Al Fakher and Adalya won’t reach their greatest potential. The volume of consumption is about 11-13 grams. It is definitely a flavor saver for a quick session, but I would rather use it for brands that could handle the heat more like Trifecta and Element air. I won’t list all the good blonde leaves grade on the market. but you can also pull some dark leaves without any issues as, in general, they are more heat resilient.

One inconvenient thing I want to point out is that the bowl port is smaller than others bowls. I’m pretty sure the company will take care of it for future releases, but my Ascent bowl doesn’t fit well on most of my hookah. Of course, you can always use thinner grommet or some paper towel as an alternative, but that should not be an issue in general, especially for craftmanship that has been put into it. Other than that, it is pretty and worthy to collect one. it’s performing, but also unique. The colorway of my bowl is custom. I like orange if you didn’t know 🙂 If you something with smaller capacity, they also offer a “low cap” option. I believe it’s around 9g. It’s ideal for dark leaves users.

Even though the capacity is small, I still get a great session that lasts one complete round of 2 coconuts coals : an hour and 30 minutes.



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