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Olla is an Italian brand which the craftmanship is impeccable. Their bowls are handspun and impressively consistent, which means that the shapes and the descriptions are pretty accurate. As for the white clay, in my experiences, it can takes the heat well.



Ade is incredible for dark leaves and for quick sessions with blonde leaves. It consumes around 12 g at normal pack. The shape of the trench is ideal to work properly. It’s not that small compared to a Mini rook from Alpaca, but the curvature is more accentuate and it’s a bit shallower. The spire is not too low, so it will preserve most of the juice for longer. As for the height, it’s measuring around 11 cm (~4in). It’s ergonomically suitable for foiling and it’s easier to manage around. Since the material can handle the heat nicely and of its height, the body doesn’t get that hot. The heat transfers adequately, so you should be less prompt to experience heat spikes. The bowl has also a good thickness overall.

It fit perfectly with a heat management device (HMD) like provost 2 from AppleOnTop. As for the other HMDs like lotus 1+ from Kaloud, it works just fine. As long as the air can travel thru, there shouldn’t be any issues. Depending on your vision, I don’t see this as a problem, but I’ll point it out for you : since the glaze is matte, the aluminum will leave some marks/particular. This is due to the nature of the finish (this is to be expected, just like any matte paint). They are not scratches, and it’s also easy to clean with a regular sponge (it comes with its owns sponge also).

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In general, when the clay material is ideal, it should be able to absorb a good amount of heat and redistribute some of them into the flavor from the side. By warming up the bowl slowly, it will prepare the tobbacco from the bowl to take the heat. If the bowl is made of a cheap clay, glass or metal, it will raises the temperature too fast, which will decrease the duration of the session. In some cases, some clays aren’t appropriate to take a high amount of heat. To compensate, they usually thicken theirs.



I mean, it’s a great bowl. There is nothing wrong about it. It performs well and it’s beautifully well executed, but it is more suitable for dark leaves. Although, I have to admit that I enjoy smoking trifecta blonde in it. With 10-11g, my sessions last around an hour and 30 minutes. I know it seems kind of pricey, but if you’re looking for your first performance bowl for blonde leaves, you should try to grab a mini rook bowl from Alpaca or a pilz bowl from Urb.

Once you have discovered your preferences, then ade bowl could be a good choice later.



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